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My First Animation!!

2008-12-01 08:17:36 by AddictiveFrog

My friend Paul (Ughanation) and I made this because I wanted to know how he did it, so he showed me by letting me help with this animation!! I did the voice of Godzilla aswell!

My First Animation!!


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2008-12-01 08:50:57

Why where you whispering in the flash?

AddictiveFrog responds:

Sorry the voices came out a little quite.


2008-12-16 11:37:21

ITS Very funny! love it!

AddictiveFrog responds:



2008-12-21 23:14:18

Hey i know ughanation too. (not personally i'm in his collab)
I'm glad to see he has someone to help with his stop-go animations

AddictiveFrog responds:

thx he comes over to my house some times im in his collab too


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